• dteresa 29w

    Educational qualifications : nothing in particular.
    Language : English language proficiency.
    Age : 19 - 21
    Gender : Preference to female candidates
    Additional qualifications :
    Problem solving skills
    Must be available anytime, any day.
    Should remain faithful to me
    Should be able to handle extreme paranoia

    Selection criteria : There will be an initial probation period, the candidate will be evaluated by the employer for their response to different real time scenarios and will be graded on the same. Probation period can last for 1 week to a month depending on each candidate and failure to meet up to the employers standards will result in immediate elimination. There will be only one person who will be given the position and the chosen one will get to utilize the perks of it whatsoever. Interested candidates can apply in the comments session or find me in my Instagram account.

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    Position : Best friend