• wiredviawords 9w

    Here's a thought - let's make it a habit to compliment people as and when we can.
    Do not assume that the pretty girl knows it already, she might get to hear that all the time. Do not hesitate to thank someone for their kindness. Go ahead and tell that woman how you love her confidence. Don't shy away from telling a guy how attractive is his genuineness. Go, strike a conversation with that nerd and appreciate their valuable insights on varied subjects. Walk along the roadside with the old man and let him share his wisdom, you might make his day just by lending an ear. Hug and tell your parents how lucky you feel being born to them. Just tell your friend how you love the way he cares for your little choices. Go, open your heart to your partner and tell them how beautiful they are and you would not want things any other way. Also, look in the mirror and tell that person how brave she is to be spreading light even when there is looming darkness inside.