• crystal_girl 5w


    She knows it all but never say
    She knows the way he acts,
    Is not exactly the way he is.
    Maybe, hiding something inside
    Protecting from breaking
    Maybe, his heart
    Which has turned cold long back..
    The softness of someone's words may work
    to melt the ice
    But he is afraid and distant,
    Protecting it at all cost..
    His words, gives a ray of hope
    But sometimes,
    Act like an arrow hurting straight your heart.
    He keeps all to himself but had lot to say
    waiting for one who feels like home..
    Maybe, there is a reason the way he acted
    Some may refers him being egoistic
    But deep there is softness hidden
    In some corner of his heart
    like an inside of coconut,
    Being covered with hard shell.