• alidah_igaju 6w


    I won't stop talking
    Neither will I stop fighting for what Is my rigt
    Am done living a life I don't deserve
    Yet am human .
    I won't give up my hopes though I know you might not listen but I won't stop until you'll be the ones to let go.
    I'm human just like you
    Believe it or not because am not some kind of animal living in your world like you say I am .
    Just like you were created with such a skin colour is the same way I was created black so respect my humanity .
    My ancestors fought
    Am fighting
    My grands will fight too
    Until you put it through your minds that skin don't define any human .
    "I can't breathe," is what he said but no matter how weak and low his voice was he was being heard and ignored and now he's no more, feel it as if it were your loved one huh?
    I won't back off until our voices are heard.
    We won't move until you hear
    We'll carry the wait for justice to be served .