• sindhukiran 10w

    In bike,
    A ride with known destiny,
    We tried to extend it.
    Happiness, music and slience.
    And lots of love.
    I smiled in your way
    I blushed and winked
    You knew and kept it secret,
    More than our lips, our eyes spoke
    I questioned on all the silly things
    But, you didn't bother. Simply enjoyed.
    I knew i annoyed, irritated you.
    But it's my love!
    The best was yet to arrive,
    All the love we told to eachother
    To all the hands we holded in bike
    To my sleep on your back.
    Its a bundle of happiness in a ride.
    In the end,
    A smile of happiness we had
    I lost myself to you and
    Found a soul of us.
    Which has lots of understanding, trust and love.
    Its was easy to be me,
    But, with you, a soul of yours and mine
    Made me happy and smile little weirdly.
    My madness was owned,
    Will be owned by you and for you.