• wild_aish 5w

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    Where did you come from?
    Who are you?
    And why did you choose me?
    My head is a mess... A mess of unanswered questions and unseen reality. My head is an abode to the homeless demons, under an angel's skin.
    It's a chaos, of unstormed winds. Winds, that have been swirling, since ages and that have now become a whirlpool of thoughts wanting to explode.
    And these thoughts, these... These are not mine.

    These are your thoughts. The one who secretly resides within me. I can sense you, crawling inside my brain, feeding upon my emotions, filling up my empty voids with your gray thoughts, and with every passing day, growing bigger and bigger. And I can't hold you in anymore. Because you... You are an animal. A beast. And in the process of taming you,
    I am scared I would lose my sanity.

    And I know, you don't exist as one. You're scattered. You've got many shades to you, all of which, are monochromes of gray; with hues of blue.
    Your enigma, has got me questioning myself lately.
    I am tired. Tired of asking myself the same questions over and over again and coming back to from where I'd left.

    This feeling. This weird feeling, that gets my stomach churning everytime I think of it. My hiraeth for your love is never ending. I want to go to some place that probably doesn't even exist. Somewhere, where I am meant to be me. Where I can sow the seeds of my thoughts and watch them grow, and harvest them golden, rather then keep in my head to rot.
    Somewhere where the skies will be shades of red, wine, and purple and not just blue.

    Somewhere, where stargazing wouldn't just be a thing in poetries, but rather, an actualness.
    Somewhere, where my flaws would define my perfectness. Where my skin would be admired for the shade it glows in. Somewhere, where solitude would be a priority and sunsets a passion.
    Somewhere, where you too would find your escape.


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    //I yearn for love and peace, the kind of, that doesn't exist. //