• autumn_cenny 5w

    This is real.
    This is my story
    #rape #rapesurvivor

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    Barricaded to the wall
    I could see him looking at me with lust and hunger all in his eyes
    I was only a child but I could feel it in my soul and knew something wasn't right
    Lying down pinned to the floor, all I felt was pain
    Pain between my legs and my private self
    A little girl lying all alone
    Helpless as I watch my power and will taken away from me
    Years passed by and I understood theoretically what happened but mentally i was and still messed up
    If only it had ended once
    If only it was just a one time thing
    But no, they had to keep coming till I could feel myself no more
    Now am 20 but I still live and see that 5yrs old me who was raped and molested continuously till 13
    I was more than sex they took
    They stole myself from me,
    They stole my power and will
    They stole my dignity and strength
    They stole my pride
    But above all they stole my voice

    They left me with pain and suffering
    They left me with a pile of trash to sort through
    This is more than a a write up
    This is my scar
    This is my pain
    A pain I carried alone for years
    To that little girl out there going through same
    Babygirl, it's not your fault
    You did nothing wrong
    You a survivor and not a victim
    You stronger than you can ever imagine