• unique_antique 46w

    Thanks to be part of my life for once upon a time
    Thanks to give me hope
    Thanks to give me life

    dedicated to @canyoubemy_gentlewoman_again

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    The blessing

    I was all alone
    All destroyed
    Trusted someone second time
    And probably the last time
    And he just broke it
    In pieces more than before
    But life goes on

    I got somebody
    Maybe there wasn't any fall
    Any love
    But what I never got
    Was respect and expression of feelings
    That love and care
    Said but also in action
    I was always taken as less
    He thought looks was everything
    And used to take himself as less
    And call me his beautiful girl
    Maybe I forgot to call
    Maybe I have left you alone
    But listen my dear
    You are not less but more
    And the antique one
    With a beautiful smile
    I must remind.