• wanowak 11w

    Thin Ice

    No more shall I look
    behind my shoulders.
    Due to the many lies
    you told me that hit
    me like boulders.

    Each day you made
    promises you never
    intended to keep.
    Misjudging my kindness
    as if I was a sheep.

    No more walking on thin ice for me.
    For your last lie this week
    hit me so hard
    I cannot breath.

    Falling into the ice cold waters
    is where I am.
    Numb from the pain;
    not knowing if I shall
    ever see land.

    But slowly....
    I shall breath and collect
    myself and my betrayed heart.
    The sun will come up in the morn.
    And with it my new start.

    You do not deserve a goodbye.
    Just a sigh.
    Knowing you are nothing
    but a con women comprised of lies.

    Your loss....
    One day you may see.
    The man who fell through
    the thin ice that day loved
    you with all he had.
    But left that cold, dark hole,
    choosing to never let you
    treat him as you did; or,
    live on his knees.