• psycho_jester 9w

    I want to be the first thing your sleepy eyes see,
    When you wake up next to me.
    I want to kiss you goodmorning to get you up,
    Bring you breakfast in bed with coffee in your fav mug.

    I want to stick to you while you do your chores,
    I want to follow you like a pup following a butterfly..
    I want to hold your hands wherever you go,
    I want to be that blindly romantic guy.

    I want to touch you, poke you, kiss you, hug you.
    I want to bug you and annoy you a bit.
    I want to make you sit, in front of a mirror,
    And I want to show you, "see how perfectly we fit".

    I want to feel the light of your radiant smile,
    And I want my smile to brighten your day.
    I want to surprise you when you are busy at work,
    Fill your desk with chocolates and bouquets.

    I want to be excited all day, till I see you again at the end,
    Waiting for you to come back home to me.
    I want to be ready with candles, food and glass of wine,
    And a face with clearly visible delight and glee.

    I want to hear about your day, run my finger on your skin
    I want to lie so close to you, feel your heart beat.
    I want to hug you tight till we sleep every night,
    Being next you makes my life complete.

    I want to be the calm and the comfort you'll want,
    Before your tired eyes get lost in some dreamy view...
    I'll close the lamps and kiss your cheek,
    And softly whisper, "I love you".