• joseywhales78 6w

    there's some dick i'm in your mouth you're some dick up in your mouth there's some dick up in your

    we'll talk bitch please back up you is a disease he got STDs motherfucker don't you know you be on your knees you need me pads but you be trying to have motherfucking men like you with sam but we don't play around with scandalous ass bitches punk fucking hoes ain't nothing but wishes gives a fuck i threw a penny in the fucking wishing well back to goonies motherfucker collecting my chains and said fuck it in i'll be like motherfucker do the truffle fucking shuffle that gives a fuck because i'm on a mother fucking another level you ain't even on my path nigga fuck this shit fuck a bitch in her mouthpiece nigga fuck a bitch you be talking shit acting like you fucking legit i'll be too legit to fucking quit fucking bitch but i keep my mouth shut tricks be fucking turning like gymnastic flips did you slide on the dick and then try to make it fucking weasel don't you know i'll be mother fucking not pretend so stop trying to shake your hand acting like you met a new friend.