• this_is_saamu 23w

    Foukup no dey sleep! No be palm oil, na kerosene, even If he sleep sef dey fit wake am If they want. Na true say Foukup no dey sour, they go warm am when they need am. If they no serve you the foukup, trust me na grace cover you.
    People want to eat their cake and have it that they say it's unfair when it's just consequences. When Flies perch on wounds nobody argues but when the wounded kills the flies they call him cruel
    Friend, write down your wrongs and right them because your Amen might not count if you won't make Amend. Only if we could learn the skill of restitution maybe we could learn to mend this fur of grace
    No other way, you should sew what you rip
    Because you will definitely reap what you sow
    June 29,2018 11:49pm