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    Choices and Ignorance

    Choices change
    you might be the reason of someone's smile and later be the one reason of their ignorance..and be taken for granted or loved even more..
    when ignored ,you're tired and you remember the lines that everyone doesn't have a good choice and you were the good one..and that person lost a diamond in search of many pebbles and stones..these all lines gave you the power to move on and not even regrettin..
    thats good enough..
    but why to be taken for granted or why to be ignored you might be thinking that everyone has a different taste..different way of thinking that how they get bored and tired...
    but you know
    you shouldn't even give them the chance to ignore..leave them before that..and then your SELF RESPECT "exists" and as well your confidence also..
    When you're being ignored you make your position go down in Front of others and as well in your own eyes...This tells you that you were worth nothin..but thats not okay..you know what: you are the most important person for everyoone near you and that's the best thing and actually
    it's right
    everyone doesn't have a good taste
    so you leave those who ignore
    who prefer their ego over you
    and You'll become happy