• dreambig123 6w

    # God is invisible because He is within us. Unless we recognize and feels Him within us, it will follows the same statement as "God is invisible!". Truth is God lives within yourself and then stay within other person also. So, treat others with respect as you treat yourself.

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    Everything belongs to God!

    God, who makes our day blessful, peaceful and wonderful with all His gracefulness, we lives our day joyfully, pleasantly and hormoniously without any distractions. "Love is God" which means God loves and blesses us abundantly and by His own image, He create us with wholeheartedness. God never let us to fall down for a long time. He just let us to experience the feelings of failure and downfall because He wishes us to make known and understand the feelings and emotions of other Mankind who falls down. He wants us to help the fellow beings who needs our support and concern. That's a real God of our own!