• winter_frost 6w


    My heart is pounding and,
    I don't think my ribcage is,
    Strong enough to hold it,
    Feels like it's gonna explode,
    Any second now and rip,
    My chest open.

    Don't want to self-diagnose,
    But I think it's a disease of my mind,
    Which I try to deny,
    But comes to meet me everyday.

    I wanna jump from the high,
    And my heart whispers I can fly,
    I feel I can jump and,
    Get peace inside.

    It's one war of body and mind,
    And I guess none is winning,
    Can I leave everyone behind,
    Cause I just want nothing.

    Is paradise a jump away,
    Or just a peaceful sleep,
    With cracked bones and an open skull,
    I hereby take my leave.