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    Depression is the least talked about topic in today's time when it needs to be discussed more and more.
    A lot of people undergo psychological changes when something terrifying happens in their life. Mostly our young generation is prone to it. Depression certainly do not have a specific reason but it can lead to a number of destructive results. Feeling of losing your hopes, your ambitions, your dreams..A feeling of losing yourself tears them apart. Some say it loudly, some to their close ones while some remain mute.
    What's shocking is, many people do not consider it as a problem. Some consider it as an excuse while some call them attention seakers. How can we be so ignorant about people who are constantly around us and are suffering from depression? Their activities, their behavior, their day to day life tells the truth.
    They need a lot of encouragement..a lot of support and guidance from those around them. Being with them, guiding them..will itself solve alott of problems. And to those who are depressed..'You are a fighter..a strong fighter. Don't let yourself quit. Don't consider yourself a waste or a failure. You will rise again. Just be patient. Have faith. World is with you!! '
    -the idiot��

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