• _bloom 6w

    Catch & Release

    You are the fisherman and I the fish
    At first you cast out live bait that drew me by smell
    I swam swiftly to it and opened my mouth wide
    And then with little to no hesitation I swallowed it whole
    It was sharp inside of me and suddenly I was unable to move
    Next thing you know I was gasping in the wide open element foreign to my familiarity
    The air hit stinging my scales
    and then I saw you
    You dislodged the hook from inside me and watched me flop on the cold boat floor
    You admired my beauty and the power you had over my life
    You got to choose whether I live or die
    So for minutes you watched me until you’re conscious overtook and you set me back into the lake
    Days went by and sometimes even weeks
    I meanwhile swam about never too far from the spot where it first happened
    When I first ascended into the open air and how it felt
    The pain of the hook I still felt
    But the yearning that drew me back to that spot was overpowering
    You came back for me and lowered your hook once again
    You found me where you last left me
    And though I knew what was to come should I opened my mouth and accepted my fate..
    I chose it again and again
    You chose me too
    To catch me, pierce me, admire me for a short while, and release me once again when your conscience next spoke