• troubadour 6w

    Midnight Moon
    Mar. 11th, 2005

    Under the midnight moon I walk alone this night.

    Just to be home soon,
    guided by the eerily piercing luminous light.

    Which shines provocatively from houses and street lights,
    as well as from randomly passing cars.

    On I walk under night sky and numerous sparkling stars.

    Lost and content in the rhythmic shuffling of my own feet.

    A few neighbors strangely at me gawk,
    for I often go on many an hour long walk.

    Guided only by the milky midnight moon,
    casting it's singularly glowing eye down upon me as I go,
    under the darkest skies and brightest stars.

    Just to be home soon,
    guided by the weird light of this morose midnight moon.