• wingsofanangel 23w

    Many people just don't get this..

    Many people just don't get that no matter how imperfect you are, you must try to always respect others. Respect, self respect, politeness gets us through life. I'll admit this, many people just don't get this including myself cuz sometimes we're just going through a lot a bullshit that gets us pissed!
    Many people will disrespect this! Are you going to stoop down low and forget this that respect is due! Many will curse you, putting you down below, if you should crush your self respect to satisfy your ego, you'll be even more below that you already went.
    Whenever your going through the bullshit, whenever you are pissed with the psychological problems of people, whenever life just wants a curse word from you...always respect others, you'll look better and be the better one.
    If your surrounded by ungodly people, distance yourself before God takes matters in his hands. There's the wheel of karma, hurt a bitch, you'll end up get bitten by the bitch. Use mutual respect, many people just don't get this!