• autumnwillow 6w

    I hate the idea of people from the LGBTQA+ community having to come out. Why can’t we all just exist as people. Accept each other with love. And allow everyone to be who they are? Bigots preach that their freedoms allow them hate. Fine. Hate. “But why do you have to shove it down our throats?” Isn’t that what they’d say to us. Keep your hate to yourself. Pride doesn’t end with Pride month. #pride #pansexual #bisexual #gay #trans #asexual #nonbinary #PRIDEMONTH #LoveIsLove #lgbtq #lgbt #autumnandwillow #mirakeepoets #poetry #equality

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    You spew bigotry from your lips
    Smoothly like the air you breathe
    Excuse yourself with intentions of jest
    As though every word wasn’t lined with hate

    Shame suppressed the truth of me
    A secret I feared as much as they
    Walls decorated pink, yellow and blue
    On display, I express my Pride

    What will it take for you’re understanding,
    A Facebook post preaching acceptance?
    Come out from hiding publicly?
    To be proclaimed as confused, I refuse.

    I won’t announce it, but I won’t hide
    I’ll exist simply as I always have
    Clearly shown without speaking, yet you deny
    I suppose it’s your right to remain blind