• namia28 6w

    And he tried didn't he
    he worked really hard
    With one goal in mind
    Leaving failures behind
    Searching through heaps of information
    The best way of self destruction
    Jumping off the cliff
    putting himself in the path of cannibals
    stabbing himself in the chest
    blood pouring out like a fulfilled prophecy
    used every trick in the book to rid his body of his soul
    walking barefoot on the bed of burning coal
    He ached and hurt and felt it all
    His soul though was as stubborn as him
    It refused to leave the body that was it's safe space
    And she told him "I'm yours whether you like it or not
    what you seek to destruct is your own pure heart
    a heart alive, full of blood and passion
    I'm here to protect your inherent goodness
    I'm here and I don't seek your approval
    Just your acceptance. That I'm right here
    That you're a survivor
    And this Godforsaken world needs you".