• shegram 5w

    She saw her chance to escape
    but she had no time for a plan
    It was now or never, or surely
    die at the hands of this man
    The metal ball was fastened
    to her ankle, and dragging it
    was slow, it had been so long
    since she'd been left alone, she
    knew she had to go
    She had made it past the trees,
    and it was there she saw the
    lake, she looked around for
    options, but there were none
    to take
    She knew she didn't have much
    time, but all at once she felt
    brave, she grasped the ball, still
    attached, and immersed herself
    in a watery grave
    She knew he would be furious,
    thinking she had somehow
    got away, and he would spend
    his rest of days, wondering when
    or how he'd pay!

    Picture credit to rightful owner

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