• jan_ilan 9w


    I created this world for everyone to happy,
    Bringing humans turned out to be a mistake that is crappy.
    They exploited everything in my opus,
    Including their own kind like bogus.

    Oh my dear...things that you have been through,
    They made your life to be askew.
    Those inhumane demons ripped off your innocence,
    Not even leaving out a child and crudding your essence.

    Those sex craving maniacs didn't see you as a kid,
    While you should be playing games, here you are hurt and in crisis amid.
    You don't even know what they did to you,
    The face that was filled happiness now became blue.

    Ashamed of myself to create you in this world,
    Will thump their soul out I hurled.
    Don't worry I'll take you with me my child,
    As this place doesn't deserve you and it is wickedly wild.