• arthurjerrythompson 34w

    Lightly Love Latter Lies

    Where are you from me?
    Why have you gone,
    Was she ever You?
    I used to float around because of you,
    And now you’ve shot me into the ground,
    Submerged in dirt and worms, again.
    You had only dug me up some months before.
    Ha, though, for you cannot bury me, but I.
    You are what you could not have been then.
    You are radiantly drawing out the will or independence.
    You are sowing my skin back, before cutting my blood
    From within.
    You have actually vanished and it’s confusing,
    I can’t want enough to be near you;
    Where you could hear me,
    Where I could touch you,
    Where I could see you, If I
    Could do anything with you and just know you can see me
    And that you still know my name,
    I couldn’t feel more about my lying little love.