• shriramsayanam 6w

    This is Sudden and Shocking THALA

    A open letter to Mahi

    You proved to be one of the nicest Gentleman in this Gentlemen's game and that's the foremost reason I love you and there are things which you can only think off and do it as well❤️

    I was admiring you when you placed Hayden just behind the bowler to take the wicket of pollard against Mumbai Indians

    I was carried away by the way you introduced ashwin the spinner to bowl the first over of the T20 match and how you knocked out Gayle againt RCB.

    I was wondering how could a guy be this perfect in stumpings and especially the no look run out against New Zealand

    The Thundering sixes you hit on and the cheeky singles you take, makes the wagon wheel colourful

    I was noticing all your moves on intelligent team decisions on the field which resulted in team victories.

    Umesh Yadhav Throw on your end and tricked the batsman by not reacting to the ball and took the wicket of Mitchell Marsh

    - Took the Wicket of L Shukla once he crosses the crease when everyone thought instant Sharma was run out

    - Taking a double out of nowhere along with Raina

    - Setting the fielding for the opponent when you're batting

    - Defending the runs using the legs when you are standing behind the Wicket

    - 23 runs in a over are a possible Target in a last over to chase when you are in the crease.

    - You added value to the word Captaincy than any other..

    The DRS you make is perfect and Crystal Clear no further doubts

    My childhood RBK design bats were bought on the sole reason being you.

    I was Gathering all the fond memories you made by replaying your vidoes on hitting last ball sixes.

    I was cherishing when I saw you in yellow and started taking pride for my City.

    I loved the Calmness in you, on how react to the sledging and match situations. I was on your side madly even when you invaded the pitch in the last IPL against Rajasthan Royals.

    Forgo the trophies you collected , you're a True Legend Dhoni...

    Some things can't change Mahi 7❤️❤️

    Thank you for making me visualise a Cricket life differently which is not replicated in past and cannot be in Future.