• varu_bhumik 5w

    Revealing my secret

    The best way to digital detox,

    Instead of sending text messages
    Write a letter
    Letter to your friends, family and loved once.
    And sometimes to yourself too.

    It has so many benefits

    • you will enjoy writing it in a paper with pen after a long time(do you remember the last time you moved out of those electronic hand-held devices).

    • you would enjoy going to post office to post it, the postman there would tell you the stories of his time when they were considered the most important people. They brought every news to your home, be it a wedding card, the job offer letter, the salary cheque, the news of a new family member and everything that one waits for.

    • the person receiving it would savor it for long long time, since she/he must have never received anything such.

    • you would experience the heavenly feeling of the human touch in your communication that would touch your soul.

    Best Benefits: most often then not you would receive a letter back from them, and that's the best gift you can get.