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    What can be both too easy and too hard to posses at the same time?
    "Silence". Something we all fall into from the time to time. Something that can have countless reasons, countless motives or countless stories.
    I believe silence as the present of a past that is still stuck somewhere inside of us looking for somewhat an escape. It could be from anything or anyone. But for most, it is found to be from ourselves.
    The most beautiful and the most heart breaking moments that one has to live are usually discovered in silence. That is the beauty of it. We can never put on a classification or a judgement.
    But it is something that makes a human most vulnerable. It has the kindness and tenderness to make a person fall in love but it also possesses the brutality and rage to break a person into countless pieces.
    It could fill your heart with love you have never felt before looking into the eyes of your lover while gently reaching for the lips. But it could choke you down to your screams that no one would listen even when you stand in the middle of a crowd. It can be friend, it can be a companion, it can be a teacher, it can be a devil. But most of all I see it as "Mirror".
    The more you dive into it the more you see yourself. You see it all. You see truth. What hides for years inside of you can be looked into this mirror. All of your desires, all of your deeds and all of your sins. The eyes soaked in silence never lie. Silence speaks in its own ways. For some it turns to a dream and for some a horrible nightmare. Whatever it is, it will be the truth.

    Somedays it turns to a weapon. A weapon you might use to slit your throat to scream out what you have held for long or it could be a curse your most significant human leaves you with. I saw it as the mirror. I felt it as a dream. I lived it as a dream. I used it as a weapon. I was bound with it as curse. And now like every other thing or person that becomes a part of your life for a long time and you fall for it. I have known "SILENCE".
    © Valarmorghulis

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