• olamijibanks 6w

    Letter to the one.

    I guess I now understand what the phrase "You never know what you have till you lose it." means.
    I miss you.
    I miss the late night chats and calls,
    I miss how your voice alone makes me feel giddy.
    Now, I feel just like an empty shell.
    It was like you squeezed out every bit of me and took it along with you.
    I can no longer afford to do the things I do with you because it hurts.
    Every single thing reminds me of you, from my phone emoji's to opening my phone log.
    My heart is weeping even though no one hears and as silent tears soak my pillows at night.
    I miss you more, because there's no one to console me anymore.
    It's horrible, I admit.
    I wish I could take it all back but then, that wouldn't have changed anything.
    Sometimes, I like to imagine that you are in your room.
    Pathetic, just like I currently am but then I take it back.
    I never wish that pain for you because that would hurt me even more. Because...
    I love you.