• mindofchaos 37w

    Need a shoulder?

    Bad thoughts washed by the release of emotion thru letting my pen walk
    Sometimes deep or dark or light and freeing but more than writing...I'm here to talk
    For those that struggle with finding how to express there feeling
    I pour out the worst and dirtiest of my darkest dealings

    Not cause of the release for in which I receive
    But how one without a found voice can relate to my pain you perceive
    I love being the voice of reason heard by those deceived
    But the Glory isn't mine... It's His that saw a dying heart being worth being retrieved

    We all struggle in life no matter depth or how vain
    Sometimes it's too much for one person to contain
    So if you find you looking for an ear to listen I'll always maintain
    I'm only her to do HIS will to my best to filter in His word and not my brain