• oogiethemad1 10w

    Secret rooms

    There are rooms in my mind
    That I don't visit anymore
    Rape, abuse, losses, reasons I fight
    All closed behind hidden door

    I'm afraid to move from this comfort zone
    Because honesty yields demons I don't know anymore
    And I'm not sure if reflection is hate or fear
    Definently not it's not the strength that reflects in the mirror

    Somethings should be spoken outloud
    But showing damage isn't allowed
    Congratulations, closed rooms are the reason to fight
    Like that somehow magically makes it alright

    Worst part, I'm not the only one
    Bashing fists at the wall
    Wishing it was all done
    Embracing this spiteful throne

    So many hidden rooms
    No one's talking about
    Acting like fires are fumes
    There's no value to mount