• emilyluvscoffee 23w

    If I Were Her.

    Soft windy breeze, drifting by,
    and brushing down leaves
    giving good air to

    Yet taken for granted in the eyes
    of thee; that's what you do
    to me, and soon I'll be
    like the sun at 'three;
    no longer to be

    That girl you're with isn't like me,
    who talks till she's out of
    breath to speak,while I'm
    lost of words because
    you make me

    Time would go by in a blur,
    as the world shift, and
    turns because I'd be
    yours if I were her.

    Temperatures would
    readily rise, and fall
    as layers off love
    would go to the
    floor; if I

    The guilt of a crush,
    would all go to dust,
    because you'd
    kiss me in
    a rush; if
    I were

    Why couldn't I instead
    be yours?