• shivangi_lavaniya_ 31w

    Sometimes I wish that "I understand" literally meant I understand and not just random shit people throw at you in form of love while wearing one of the facets they hold. I wish people were really as genuine as they made themselves look. I wish they took feelings as seriously as they showed. And I wish they loved the same way you fantasized in person.
    I wish people did understand what they never tried to let enter their mind. I wish people really did realize their crucial role in someone's else life. And I wish people really realize how much their advice could affect the other person.
    I wish people really could understand what they said they do but never really did, I wish people were as genuine as they portrayed but couldn't even begin being that way, but I won't ever forget that people were and are this way and nothing can change the way they do things.
    ┬ęShivangi Lavaniya