• shreyasirhittika 10w

    Blue, the calm colour of inner strength and peace.

    The nearby park was a place of exquisiteness; it was a reminder of the perfect balance that nature had in place. If only my balance could be so perfect. It was a long walk before I could find a quiet location. Sitting down on the spongy grass, the smell of the freshly mown lawns was strong but soothing; bringing back treasured memories of the time he was still here, when we would lie down and watch the sky run away as the world turned. The effortless gliding of the seagulls in the air, the crawling of the ants along the footpath but most of all the gentle swaying the trees above, the whispering between the leaves of the hidden knowledge they possessed. A solace. Today, however, was a much quieter day. A draft of air continued to blow in gently, lightly brushing at the trees. It was a serene atmosphere, nature always remained composed. I felt a part of it lying there on the luscious green grass. I shared myself with it.