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    Title--My Guardian

    Part 8--is this what it is?

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    Sofia POV
    Today I had to go to office as I had taken a leave for few days. So i had to leave the house immediately bcz I had been already late and I don't wanna get fired this early. So i had already wore my job clothes and started doing my hair and a light touchup to my face. Zain was there behind me with his hands folded as always and was staring me. I could see his eyes on me from the mirror and was making me quiet nervous I don't know why?
    "Must you go" He said
    "Yes zain, I have to"
    "Otherwise how will I live"
    He looked a little sad. Maybe he has also become attached with me as I have with him in such a few time.
    But I will not say him that. We have just met. We hardly know each other and he will think that I am a crazy person to say him like this.

    I hurriedly did my touchup, took my keys and purse and hurried to the door. As I touched the doorknob to open the door. A hand pulled me back into the chest of someone. Zain had me pulled to his chest with his hands around my waist.
    My heartbeat raised at being such close to him.
    He was so warm
    All the blood of my body had raised to my cheeks making me blush at such moment between us.
    He made some space between us and looked at me.
    He kept his one hand on my cheek and kissed my forehead saying "be safe and come early"
    I was in daze
    He left the hold on me and I walked away out of the house silently without uttering a word to him.
    Shit what did just happened!!!!
    What is he doing to me!!!
    And I don't feel bad about it?!!!!
    Is something wrong with my brain!!!!
    Zain POV
    Why can't I control myself in front of her?
    Why do I feel those sparks whenever I touch her? Why didn't I felt something like this in heaven?
    Maybe this is what I think it is.
    Maybe this is what God wanted to let me know about. But how is it possible?

    Sorry for such delay ����hope you all like it❤

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    My Guardian-8