• sunconxious 10w

    Rise - Verse 2

    Verse 2:

    Hella High
    Revolution ain't televised
    Administration telling lies
    taking hella lives
    I’m tryna tell you guys
    but some haters acting
    like I'm preaching to the choir
    Everyone’s Success
    is all that I desire
    tricky ass Tr*mp
    tryna throw you in the fire
    I'm just trying to take us All Higher
    Feel like I wanna but I can't though
    F*ck that!
    The only thing I can't do is quit
    that's what I stand fo
    instead I go commando
    like Rambo
    Leap like Lambeau
    The Land, tho {Oakland!}
    and I don't give a d*mn
    about your lambo
    or your bentley
    or your hottie wit a body
    sippin mascoti
    eatin biscoti
    I'm tryna Raise Everybody
    they want you down,
    Let's Get Lifted
    these rappers tryna
    turn you into nitwits
    on some slick shit
    but even as a misfit
    I know I'm Gifted
    so let me use my lips an’
    Be Prolific
    Make Music to make us motivated
    I I know they hate it
    to have their flow debated
    ego deflated
    braggin bout the dough they makin
    they're so just basic
    Here's My Ode to face it
    The only way their flow is graded
    whether or not they
    Hold Jehovah Sacred

    Lyrics, Vocals: Santino Thomas Ender