• jmj 22w


    One day,
    One wet and overcast day,
    Your new love will comment,
    Saying how dreary the weather is.
    But you won't hear her.
    Instead you'll be thinking of me,
    Palms up, laughing
    in that long ago October shower.
    You'll be seeing
    the angel tears in my eyes,
    My breathless smile
    As I watched you observe
    How magical rain can be.
    You'll think of me in big sweaters,
    Messy hair, nose in my favorite teacup,
    My favorite book in my lap,
    Pages worn and folded
    As I smile and declare,
    how perfectly cozy a little rain can be.
    And your new love will repeat herself,
    Louder this time
    To which you'll half agree,
    Not even hearing what she said.
    Because your heart will ache with regret,
    Your throat will burn
    with apologies that won't come.
    Your fingers will itch to touch my sweater,
    You will reach for me and find her instead.
    And I promise you,
    for your entire lifetime,
    I will haunt you every time it rains.