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    To the Person I Love,

    Magic, I never believed in such things, until the day I met you! It’s truly magical, the journey from a stranger to soulmate. We never actually realised how did we get this close! The journey has been beautiful, consisting of Ups and downs but the best part was ‘We never gave up on each other and every struggle made our bond much more stronger'. It feels fortunate to have someone like you in my life. You stood by me in my rainy days, being my Rainbow. And you were always there every tough night, being my Moon brightening my Life. 
    Yes, I have admitted it over a thousand times, how beautiful you are, and I admit it again ‘You are the most beautiful person I ever met'. But it’s not just your beauty that made me fall for you, but Your Pure Mind, Pure Heart and Your Pure soul. 
    A Perfect Partner, who understands not just my anger but even my silence.. My Happiness and even my sadness... Someone who’s as crazy as me, sarcastic and ofcourse lazy and foodie. Sometimes acts maturely but sometimes just like a Kid. A perfect combination, what else do you need? I enjoy being with you, every moment, every second. 
    I don’t know how much Romeo Loved Juliet, but one thing is for sure, I Love You more than that! And I promise to stand by your side at every phase of your Life. No matter how tough it gets, I’ll be there for you, holding your hand in troubles, giving you a Hug when needed and a shoulder to cry.