• ishita_sehgal 9w

    I wish

    All the love stories are like fairytales..
    Men see every girl as a princess to be rescued..
    And they see themselves as the prince.
    And you know I didn't had a feeling like this..
    Because Whenever I tried to I failed..
    Because i don't know maybe m not worth it..
    I wish that someday anyone all over the world..the only one person..
    Will feel like not giving upon me..
    Or to make efforts to keep me with themselves..
    Nd I take risks to get what I want..
    But at last I end up loosing them..
    Maybe we both had expectations that we can never live up to..
    But what we shared was still real..
    if you don't love me..it's okay
    But I love you
    Nd this is still real..
    And will always be going to real..
    It doesn't matter whom we kiss first..
    What matter is that what's really matter's in the first place..
    Nd for me it's you
    you matter to me.!