• tangled_in_her_thoughts 10w

    Every night i write all i have in my heart to you but i back space it again and again, i fear that if i press it sent then "delete for everyone" won't work as you will be able to see what all i wrote.
    It's really heartbreaking to see you deteriorating like this, your statuses i see every day but hesitant to drop a text but it makes me more miserable, all i want is to have a tight hug for hours, then keep your head on my lap, give you slow head massage so that you sleep peacefully with a smile, make you understand that it's just a phase and my love i promise i won't leave you, that you have always been in my heart. Maybe it will be our last hug but making all your sorrows mine then fill you with zillion smiles and days of real happiness.
    We see that sunshine together someday, breathe the fresh air, fill our fantasies from jungle to beach. Hold my hand and i won't let you go. Maybe it's all my imagination that wants it to be true but i will live all this in that last hug, hoping it to stay till the last breath arrives.
    I love you more than your imagination can last.

    #shortstory #lasthug

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    The last hug.