• love_your_life 9w


    The more I try to run
    The more I am trapped.
    Suffocating inside
    And each door is shut.
    The maze of life
    Took me in its embrace.
    The shadow spread wide
    Wider than the beaming light.
    Grabbing me from behind
    I felt a pair of hands.
    One grabbing my mouth
    The other my throat.
    Hush... Make no noise
    I felt my tongue losing its voice.
    Struggling I tried to escape
    I cried, I even begged for help.
    Kneeling down and disgusted
    Lost and defeated.
    I closed my eyes
    And crack went the sound.
    Surrounded by the shards
    Of a broken heart, a broken soul.
    A step forward
    And I further pierced my soul.
    Burning with tears
    Of pain and regrets.... The eyes turned sore.
    Completely fallen
    I was broken to the core.

    Still regretting
    Why did I do that?