• surupadas 10w


    This world pierces me everyday
    With the arrows of hate and looks of frustrate.
    They say I am weak; They say I am a dirt
    Yet I stand there solo, quiet
    Cause they can't forsee to the depth I am hurt.
    I am asked to zip my lips and gulp my pain
    Because I know all my cries, all my screams will turn to dust and go in vain.
    They broke my heart and wretched my soul
    They say I am cursed, shameless and my deeds itself is sinful
    But still I say mute, cause I know in this hateful journey, I am all alone.
    Despite that I still stand silent and voiceless
    Holding my ripped parts all together and trying to lead a life in darkness.
    As I know no one will brave to either embrace my soul and stitch my fallen parts
    Or love and respect me truly from the bottom of their heart.