• briansobeami_ 6w

    The life of the stars

    The life and death of the stars seem very distant to man, however we are intimately linked to their life cycles, the same matter from which we are formed was generated long ago in the heart of remote stars, these arise from the spectacular death of stars thousands of light years away. Stellar debris accumulates as aeons pass, although interstellar space is enriched with heavier elements with which new generations of stars, planets, life and intelligence are formed. The great interstellar clouds of gas and dust are breeding grounds for stars, this is where the inexorable gravitational collapse that dominates the life of stars begins, in just millions of years many suns can evolve during the red giant stage and die young without ever leaving. the cloud in which they were born, other stars live longer and leave the hatchery, our sun is one of them. Our galaxy is 10,000 million years old, it is old enough to have produced only a few generations of stars, the objects we find on a trip through the Milky Way are stages in the life cycle of stars, some new and bright, others so old like the galaxy itself. Around the Milky Way there is a halo of matter that includes globular clusters, each containing up to a million old stars, in the center of these clusters and in the core of the galaxy there are abundant black holes pulsing and humming. , which will be the subject of future explorations. Men on earth marvel, and rightly so, at the daily return of our lonely sun, but from a world orbiting another star in a distant globular cluster, an even more glorious auror awaits you, not the rising of a sun, but the rising of a galaxy, a morning full of 300 billion suns, the rising of the milky way, a huge spiral with exploding gaseous clouds, planetary systems condensing, luminous supergiants, stable stars middle-aged, red giants, white dwarfs, neutron stars, pulsars, black holes and there is reason to think that there are exotic objects that we have yet to discover, from such a world, far above the path milky, it will be clear, as it begins to be in our world, that we are made of atoms and stars, that the great and ancient cosmos of which we are part, forged our matter and our form ...