• gudrun 23w

    Lost & distored

    I laid my sorrow in the dust
    My feelings are too much to repine
    But I will handle them if I must  
    The flame ruined that dwelling heart of mine

    When by the ruins often I past,
    My sorrowing eyes aside did cast,
    My feelings dimmed in ashes lie
    My eyes can no longer spy,
    In what room of them my brain has stuck,
    and In which suburb my heart was mugged.

    In my soul my memories prevail
    and permiting mourning shall fail
    As the heat of my imagination passes by, The candles of my mermories melts away

    In my ship,my mind takes command
    though mine don't know where my ship shall land
    In many countries it shall stay
    But its sail never comes to bay

    I shall be describing this with fright
    One path splits to two in the sea
    And I took the one less travelled by
    I know to myself I shall not be slanted,
    but I took the path that dismantled my heart
    I hope my sorrow one day will be surmounted
    or simply demolished will be my cry.