• floating_words_ 23w

    Her Heart Seems Hard Like A Stone,
    Not Solid But Fragile,
    She Seems Cold Like Ice,
    But The Warmth Of Your Love Can Easily Melt Her,
    Open Your Heart To Her,
    And She'll Open Her Layers,
    It's Gonna Be Hard So Hard Have Patience,
    But Once You See The Depth Of Her Heart,
    And All The Scars That She's Hiding,
    You'll Realize Your Efforts Were Worth It,
    She's Rare That You'll Never Find,
    She's A Kid That You Would Love To Play With,
    She's Love That You Would Have To Love Her,
    She's Just Scared That You'll Play With Her Feelings,
    Or Scratch Her Scars,
    But Love Her Unconditionally,
    And She'll Show You What Exactly Love Is,
    Make Her Your World,
    She'll Make You Her Life. ❤