• pragatisheel_sadhak_bihari 23w

    Writing for me is like being with a beautiful girl
    Kissing her from nose to toes
    Uplift her through my arms
    Give her the tightness of breathe
    By locking her lips
    Turning the eyes off from the body
    To prevent any shy
    Gear up the speed of fingers
    By taking to the hairs
    Moving down few inches
    For gently rubbing the cheeks
    To make it feel,a man is not weak
    Tightening the togetherness further a bit
    Putting all the fragrance of body
    Open in the air
    To let her feel the perfect heat
    Let sound a bit more nutorious
    By saying...
    Come-on baby....
    you are my meat
    For the day and for the night
    Hold me tight
    I am dying for you
    This is all your might
    Sizzling soud of my inner passion
    Drizzling through the lips
    Telling....to taste the real french old wine
    It's better than the ocean
    It's called rain drops but without clouds
    Raining the coolness not from the sky
    It will only happen when you start feeling shy
    You are enhancing my confidence
    By putting your arms on my neck
    Be ready to take me in you
    Not for me but for god sake.