• queenybizzle 35w

    Today, i met a person!
    Brave she was, surely was intellectually disabled but smart enough to know the deeds and devils! i never felt I'd get to learn anything about her but as she entered the place sad looking and sobbing, and how she sat on one of the table speaking innocently loud, how she asked me to sit beside my table, how she quoted everything her mom taught, her sharing lessons, her knowing french language, how she badly love cheese pizza! All her innocence, spoke much loud actions
    She cried while me and my friend left cause my friend was now here friend and hell everyone in that room was! how her sharing lessons made her table filled up with different pizza slice from every table! she badly wanted to see her best friend cause she'll soon be on her way to god's place!
    astonished as to why such a bird had to die with their wings still in a need to fly!
    wondering why am i writing this, but wonders are to, will i get to say my farewell to family, wonders to will my friends will be neutral to my such sudden death? my relatives,? my new bonds? wonders are all that flooding my head! Idk how difficult is to raise a child and see him taken by god that early but all iknow is that's utterly painful!
    all i want to say is when you see such people pay Little attention to them cause that's all they seek for,
    i need not say this! but why see them as a disguise, if you switch position you will be equally considered to people like you do!
    be human, be kind! to all living
    don't forget we stand for humanity!
    only aif the humanity could have stand for asifa too!