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    By unknown writer

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    I don't even know what to write, where to start from or how to go about it but God be with us all.

    So many are the life that has been lost, that are being lost and will be lost. It is inescapable, unavoidable and inevitable but they are not dyeing for nothing. This are people who will forever be legends! Known or unknown. It must happen, for the change we want to occur. Their blood shall flow, flow on the surface of the earth like water but we all know blood is thicker than water. Their blood shall speak for them, seek vengeance for them and torment the Killers forever.

    This is a fight for all and we have to stand together. Let them keep shooting, let them keep killing. What they don't know is the more the blood, the more the pressure and weight upon the shoulders of the people responsible. This is not just a fight for us but a fight for the generations to come. We won't back down this time, enough is enough! I believe the power of the people is far stronger than the people in power.

    Together we will get through this. Much love to all those who laid their life down and who are ready to lay their life down. We must get what we want. What the leaders don't know is that you can't fight the truth. The truth will always prevail. It's really annoying to say that that the leaders are all too much of a coward to remove ordinary sars or swat. Shame unto them, they all have what they are hiding.

    But the blood that flowed on this Earth will speak for us. The truth will surely come out