• disruption 9w

    Behind the pain that I feel
    lies a strength known only to me.
    But when the night seeps through
    the cracks in the window,
    And when heart aches over the
    memories of what's gone long ago,
    I do not know of that strength.
    All I know of is how I held onto your
    hand in the darkest hours
    And how you painted my palms
    with galaxies because somehow
    you saw it in my eyes; I am afraid
    of the dark.
    All I know of is how you held me
    in your arms when my hands did
    not have strength enough to grip
    yours as tight as I could. You never
    let go. And when the night is black
    and quiet, when half the side is dark
    and asleep, I do not think of the
    strength lying beneath the pain.
    All I think of is how you never gave
    up on me on days when I did not
    know who I am, let alone giving up on
    myself. I think of how you kept me
    warm by letting me look at the fire
    burning in your eyes. Yes, it was warm
    enough to unfreeze the coldness of
    my heart.
    But on some nights, the pain is so
    intense that I do not think of the
    strength inside, nor do I think of my one
    and only love who happens to be you.
    All I think of is realizing;
    All bad things that ever happened were
    merely a dream and I have woken up from
    what seemed like a neverending sleep.