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    Every square sized room has four corners, It seem normal when the lights are on. Once the lights are out, it feels like someone(in black figure) is standing right there and staring at us, craving for our blood. It was just nothing more than the hallucination till last year. A twenty years old girl named Nisha, kept on fearing about the black figure standing in the corner of her room since her childhood. She used to wrap herself in bed sheets hence the black figure could not harm her. One day her friends taunted regarding Nisha's fear for Corners. She bet her friends to watch a horror movie and went on a horror movie with them on a Saturday night. Every thing was okay and Nisha normally enjoyed till the end. Her friends were astonished on seeing her normality over the horror movie. Her friends dropped her at her street, the time was about 2:27AM.
    The street was empty with a few dogs barking. There was a street light in the middle of the street, Nisha didn't even take a step forward or backward since her friends had left. Her thoughts begun to haunt her heart. However, she could reach her house within a five minutes walk on the empty street, she hesitated to walk alone further. She collected her guts once again and started moving forward. She reached the street light and took a deep breath. Suddenly she sensed the cool breeze behind her, even though it was a hot mid-summer night. She refused to turn back and started reciting the some Mantras to save herself from whatever it is. She noticed her father waiting for her in the balcony of her house and fearlessly reached her house within a fraction of a minute.

    And once she was alone in her room, she realized that her parents are out of the town for a wedding. She glanced the corner of her room and this time it wasn't a meaningless imagination. She saw a child's figure hemmed in an intense darkness, with a sepia eyes. Nisha's heart almost stopped beating for a while. She murmured the same Mantras, the sheets on her fist, eyes tightly zipped. After a few minutes she opened her eyes and glanced again the corner. The spirit disappeared from there, she sighed and felt safe. Nisha's room had no air conditioning but, she felt the winter's cold in her room. If her instinct was right, that the spirit of the child is very close to her, on her bed. Her lungs pumping very hard and rapidly, the sweat washing her face, she unwillingly turned in a slow motion to her left side. The child lying on her lap, it was pale and blood covering its forehead. The child's(spirit's) Mother standing beside the bed (her eyes were red, terribly deformed face) giving a horrible stare, holding a knife to kill Nisha. Nisha screamed aloud and got panic attack. Nisha's neighbors rushed to her house and rescued her from the ghosts. Nisha's parents got the news and reached the town early in the morning. I am like you, I don't believe in these stupid ghosts, spirits and all.

    These things seem funny to me until I heard the scream on the midnight. The girl Nisha is my neighbour, she is a sweet and easy going girl. A week ago I got a chance to chat with her. She explained the horror incident clearly. Yeah, this is based on a real story. These kind of paranormal activities are common in our area, people used to complain about their haunted house, to their house owners. Everyone has different aspects about the existence of ghosts and spirits, I am not here to convince you to make agree that the ghosts do exists. I am just sharing this, because I felt goosebumps when I heard it. This is a sign that if we keep on imagining the negative things, it would become real one day. There are plenty of good things to imagine. Never let the fear control you mind when you are alone, be brave and spread positive vibes.
    Pardon me, for making you to experience the horror incident and for the long post.
    ©Hasnath Mubeena AsrafAli

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