• despair 5w


    Things i learnt today:

    1. It's okay to crave security but it's not okay to feel secure with people who make your life hell.

    2. Your happiness is your own choice and your choices are governed by your thoughts. Be mindful of what you think. Don't let negativity consume you.

    3. Protecting your aura is important to lighten up your mood and stay calm. Do not let anyone break your high vibrational energy circle.

    4. I figured it's okay to have my coffee with two spoons of sugar because I'm not addicted to caffeine but the sugar that manipulates its overall taste.

    5. Do things you love. It could apply to anything and everything but do not do things half-heartedly to please people.

    6. Listen to your body when it says it's tired. Give it some rest. It's your responsibility to set boundaries. Do not overwork yourself.

    7. Eat chocolates that have coffee and almonds both! Trust me, it's so fucking lit! The best combination ever.

    8. Smile because that's the only way you'll burn some calories you lazy ass

    Jk. You probably aren't lazy if you read this hihi. Btw, reminder to sleep for a good eight hours, practice gratitude and chug that beautiful glass of water!

    Singing out for now, g'nite!